Administrative Services

We focus on the Administration of Group Insurance Benefits (but the benefits are not always insured) and Pension Plans.

Group Insurance Benefits

We currently provide Administration Services for over 200,000 Plan Members and Beneficiaries. Some of our Clients have 5 Lives, some have 25,000 Lives. Our Services cover Employees in every Province of Canada.

Once a Plan has been implemented by our Consulting Staff, in conjunction with our Client’s Senior Management, we can provide the following Administration Services:

  • Employee Enrollment including determination of any medical requirements;
  • Premium Billing Statements;
  • Premium Reconciliation and reporting to the Insurer;
  • Assistance with Renewal Underwriting requirements;
  • Payment of Major Medical, Dental, Short Term and Long Term Disability Claims

We are staffed with experienced Claims payers including people with nursing experience.

We are authorized Claims payors for several major Insurance Companies.

Clients hire us because our service is personal and because we pay claims accurately and on a timely basis.

Our current average turnaround time for Claims Payment Services is three days. Some Clients receive next-day Claims Payment Services. We also provide drop-in Claims Payment Services.

  • Administration System training for the Employer’s or Plan Sponsor’s Staff;
  • Adjudication of Managed Formulary Prescription Drug Plans.
  • Multi-lingual Services

Pension Plans

Our Pension Plan Administration System, which is fully computerized, currently handles the following tasks:

  • Receipt of Employer Contributions;
  • Banking of Employer Contributions;
  • Recording of Employer Contributions in individual Member Records;
  • Preparation of Annual (as a minimum) Pension Benefit Statements in accordance with disclosure requirements required by Provincial Legislation;
  • Preparation of Annual Pension Adjustment Reporting for Contributing Employers;
  • Preparation of periodic Financial Statements for the Pension Plan;
  • Assistance to Auditors of Pension Plans;
  • Preparation of Retirement Benefit calculations;
  • Preparation and issuance of Pensioner Benefit Payments either by Cheque or Direct Deposit;
  • Preparation of Death or Termination Benefits;
  • Preparation of Income Tax Slips as required;
  • Preparation of Actuarial Valuation Information.

We provide Administration Services to Pension Plans which are Local, Provincial or National in scope. Our Staff know Federal and Provincial Pension Benefit Legislation, where it exists.